Wednesday, 6 July 2011

UK's worst landlord and Managment company inflicted on us by Church Commissioners

Grainger and their management company Genesis (Pathmead ) have got to be the most uncaring and inefficient Landlords/Management company in the country.

On the 12th April , senior managers visited one of our tenants, the very same one who has the designer electric boiler within 2 foot of his bath.It was placed there because it was too costly to put in the loft from which the old one was removed.Is cost a factor when you are endangering peoples lives.

This is the very same tenant for whom we fought a battle with Grainger for his right to succeed to the property after the death of his Mother and after they agreed that he did have a right to succeed, they immediately said that they wold increase his rent by 200%.

He agreed to pay this exorbitant rent on the condition that the water that runs down the walls in 3 rooms was fixed, that the boiler was removed to where it came from in the loft and that the kitchen , which was put in by his father 40 years ago was updated.

They promised that they would write to him within a week but over 12 weeks on and still no letter.

During the time we have been fighting his case, they have done nothing but harass this tenant in any way possible even going as far as leaving him for 6 months without any form of heating.This resulted in him having to purchase electric fires and despite the fact that they promised to reimburse him for the cost of the fires and the additional costs of electricity

Turning to another case,in January this year they erected scaffolding to fix a new gas flu on the roof of a property and that scaffolding is still there to this day, over 6 months.

In the early part of June, a sub contractors sub contractor came to fix a flu inside the property.They were not Gas registered but that did not stop them disconnecting the gas supply causing a strong smell of gas inside the property.When they fixed this leak, they then proceeded to dismantle the flue, without erecting a tent around the opening.

This resulted in a very large amount of soot and dirt being released into the residents property causing sever damage to the curtains, carpets and depositing thick layers on soot on the walls, windows , ledges cupboards and furniture.

The damage was seen by the Chair of the Tenants Association, who stated that it was certainly the worse case he had ever seen and it amounted to criminal damage.After numerous phone calls and a visit by senior managers, it was agreed that they would undertake a massive clean. However this has not been done to the satisfaction of the tenant, as the carpet which was nearly new does not now have a pile but is flat and looks grubby.

No one wants to accept any liability as it seems that the sub contractors sub contractor does not have any insurance or is afraid to claim as he was undertaking work, they were not qualified or authorised to do.

The actual work of installing a new flu has still not been completed and the tenant who is partially disabled and has recently under gone an operation is really stressed about the situation.

Octavia Hill Residents Association will be instructing solicitors to act on behalf of these two tenants as the management seem unable or unwilling to resolve matters.We will also be requesting assistance from our MP and Local Councillor's.

Why did the Church Commissioners inflict  this company upon us , an company who do not care at all about their tenants,deny all responsibility for their actions  and break all their promises.

If you look in their recent prospectus for share issue, you will see that the only thing that is against buying shares in Grainger is the danger that the Tenants may live too long

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